Naked raku layer 1, powder, 1kg

Product no. 1910

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Product no. 1910



Naked raku layer 1, powder, 1kg Quartz/kaolin combination, 1 bag = 1 kilogram This recipe and technique is mentioned in our book “RAKUVARIA2” from page 169. You work with 2 layers when using naked raku: Layer 1: quartz / kaolin layer Layer 2: a layer of glaze The tric is that the glaze (layer 2) cannot attach to the clay, because layer 1 is in between. Tip. 1. For layer 2 we often use recipe G1, (gerstley borate 50 / nepheline syenite 50) 2. The naked raku-glaze layer, which we also sell, see page 170 of Rakuvaria 2, gives slightly different results as opposed to recipe G1. Make sure that you liquidise as much as you think you will need, for this glaze in liquid form will start to crystallise after a week.