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Rakuvaria 3 (German)

Product no. 2335

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Product no. 2335



Rakuvaria 3! (German) Attention! Rakuvaria 2 is the basis, Rakuvaria 3 describes new techniques! In Rakuvaria 3 many unusual techniques and experiments are again explained step by step. In 13 chapters are described various smoking techniques with the help of, for example, milk, flour and plant extracts, crocodile glaze and many variations thereof, 70 new glaze recipes, ways to save on energy during raku firings and various unusual firing techniques. It is also to be noted that most subjects are explained using homemade YouTube movies. 2014, format 17 cm x 24.5 cm, hard cover, 192 pages, 9 graphs and 384 colour photographs. Rakuvaria 2 = no blah blah, but AHA! Rakuvaria 3 = much more AHA!!!