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Rakuvaria 2, German

Product no. 2310

€ 57,00 incl. VAT


Product no. 2310



Rakuvaria 2, German.

A publication by Ine and Ed Knops

The most complete and concrete Rakubook.

Over 300 pages, 34 chapters, step-by-step descriptions clarified by use of 470 pictures in colour of e.g.

Raku, Naked-raku, Copper matt, Terra sigillata, Sagger firing, smoking-techniques, stoking Raku in a 
microwave, sawdust oven, Pit-fire, Aluminium foil technique, charcoal oven, glaze recipes, Raku oven 
building, stoking Raku without smoke nuisance, etc.

A complete full-colour hardcover book printed on firm paper.

Price € 57              

First published in March 2003

Rakuvaria 2 has also been published in French, German and Dutch.

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